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Uncle Leong Seafood

First founded in a neighbourhood coffeeshop amidst the friendly Ang Mo Kio estate, the ever-popular Uncle Leong Seafood has now heightened into a full-fledged restaurant at Punggol End. Still keeping its modesty, Uncle Leong Seafood serves up the day's first dish as they do daily; at 4.30pm sharp and very delicious.

Uncle leong Seafood is the one of THE places to go for crab, based on the signature recipe that has drawn a keen following since the first public taste in 2002. Today, Uncle Leong Seafood welcomes a daily haul of customers comprising both locals and foreigners.

“Shimmering Sand Crab delight”, Uncle Leong’s wonderful signature dish, is a mouthful, but a tasty one! The dish is an orginal Uncle Leong recipe: larger than average crab drizzled with Uncle Leong's signature sauce and topped with a sprinkle of oat, a combination of flavours that complement the fresh flesh excellently. The aroma alone will leave you wanting more. Other must-try dishes are the “Crab Bee Hoo…

Facebook Groups

Quite a number of us are such Facebook junkies these days, that part of our life revolves around it. What better way to connect with your current neighbours or would be neighbours then than to do it on this media platform. :)

Click below to be redirected to the Facebook pages of some punggol groups.
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Punggol eco-town to test-bed energy solutions for public housing

As published on CNA
03 Aug 2011

Punggol ecotown to testbed energy solutions for public housing

SINGAPORE: One block of public housing in Singapore's Punggol eco-town will be a test-bed for environmentally-friendly energy solutions.

The project is a collaboration between Japanese electronics giant Panasonic and government agencies - the Housing and Development Board, the Economic Development Board and the Energy Market Authority.

It aims to get 10 households in the block of HDB flats to participate and may include more homes later.

An integrated energy system will help families reduce their carbon footprint and utilities bill.

Energy-producing solar panels will be fitted on the block of flats and these will power lifts and lighting during the day.

Excess electricity generated by the solar panels can be stored in batteries, which households can tap on for energy at night. This potentially means zero emissions being generated in powering an entire housing block.

In the participating home…

SBS Transit to add 492 more trips on Sengkang, Punggol LRT

As published on CNA
02 August 2011

SINGAPORE: SBS Transit will be adding 492 more trips per week to the Sengkang and Punggol LRT systems to cater to the increase in ridership demand.

These will be implemented from Monday, August 8, resulting in shorter waiting times and enhanced travel capacity for commuters.

On the Sengkang West Loop, 34 more trips will be added daily during the weekday peak hours.

In the mornings, between 6.45am and 8.45am, 16 more trips will be operated which will reduce waiting time from the current four minutes to about three minutes.

During the evening peak hours from 6.15pm to 8.30pm, 18 new trips will be added and commuters will find their waiting time reduced to four minutes.

Even the off-peak hours will see shorter waiting time with the addition of 33 new trips per weekday.

On weekends, a total of 47 new trips will be operated throughout the day from 10am to 11pm.

This means 20 extra trips on Saturdays and 27 new trips on Sundays and public holidays.

On the Sengkang…