Cola Geysers in Punggol! (06 Aug 10)

See Youtube video of a 504 geysers exploding in Cincinnati, Ohio. Now, imagine 1,500 of them going off simultaneously.

As a proud resident of Punggol, you do not want to miss this exciting event happening right at your doorstep!

1,500 Cola-Mentos will shoot out to the sky like fireworks this Friday at
Punggol Secondary School.

We would like to invite you, on behalf of the Science Centre Singapore, to be a part of the exciting event- the Great Singapore Mass Activity.

Organised by Science Centre Singapore and A*STAR, around 1,500 participants will gather together at
Punggol Secondary School. to create Cola-Mentos Geysers and get an entry into the Singapore Book of Records.

The simple experiment merely involves dropping a stick of Mentos into a bottle of Cola, but the effect is nothing short of stunning: an approximately 2.0m tall fountain/geyser.

The Great Singapore Mass Activity is part of the
Singapore Science Festival, which aims to encourage people to “KNOW WHY” and promote a habit for learning the science behind everyday occurrences.

The event details
Date: 6th August 2010
Time: 9.00 am - 12pm
Venue: Punggol Secondary School (51 Edgefield Plains, Singapore 828870)

For more details please contact:
Hui Luen
DID: +65 6390 3322
Mobile: +65 9384 7771

Chen Terng Shing
DID: +65 6390 3327
Mobile: +65 9858 0445


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