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Blood Donation Drive (22 Aug 10)

BLOOD DONATION DRIVE @ Punggol 21 Community Centre
Organised by Punggol 21 CC WEC

22 August 2010, Sunday
10:00am - 4:00pm

Venue : Activity Rooms @Punggol 21 CC
Blk 172C Edgedale Plains #01-472 Singapore 823172
Tel: 6312-0508
Nearest LRT/MRT: Coral Edge/Punggol
Bus Services No.: 3, 62, 83, 84

Please bring along your NRIC (Passport for non-Singaporean) or donation card.
For donors aged 18 and below, please bring along signed Bloodbank Parental Consent Form.

Health Sciences Authority
Singapore Red Cross
Donor Web
Singapore Blood Mobile

Contact Info :Singapore Red Cross Blood Donor Recruitment Programme - 6220-0183
Give blood. Give life.

For Sale - 5i in Punggol Field

Cozy 5i in Blk 199d Punggol Field

110sqm. Renovated. Nice, cozy and windy.

3 bedrooms (No hacking done).
PR eligible. All races eligible.

Near LRT, schools, 24hour coffeeshop, minimart.
Lush landscaped gardens, covered carparks.
Short drive to the beach, Punggol Marina Country Club.

Call Jessica at 9336-3411 for viewing appointments now.

Charcoal BBQ & Steamboat in Punggol Marina

Sakura Charcoal Grilled & Shabu Shabu Restaurant in Punggol Marina

Address: 600 Ponggol Seventeenth Ave Marina Country Club Singapore
Tel: +65 6385 8197

Opening Hours
Mon–Sun: 5pm – 10pm
Sat–Sun & PH: 12pm – 4.30pm

1,500 coke geysers

As published in The Straits Times
06 Aug 2010

By Lester Kok

BILLED as the Great Singapore Mass Activity, the record-breaking event saw 1,430 Cola-Mentos geysers fired up into the sky, all at once, on Friday.

The effort by the students, teachers and alumni of Punggol Secondary School was good enough for the Singapore Book of Records - for creating the most number of simultaneous Cola-Mentos geysers here.

The educational aim: To create more awareness of science. All the participants had to do was to drop Mentos sweets into a 1.5 litre bottle of diet cola.

The result was a metre-tall fountain which lasted about three seconds.

Discovered about 10 years ago, the cola-geyser has been experimented on by various people, from television hosts to scientists.

Invited to explain the science behind the cola-geyser phenomenon at the event, was Associate Professor David Lee Butler from the Nanyang Technological University, who said that Mentos, which has many microscopic holes on its surface, when dropped i…

Cola Geysers in Punggol! (06 Aug 10)

See Youtube video of a 504 geysers exploding in Cincinnati, Ohio. Now, imagine 1,500 of them going off simultaneously.

As a proud resident of Punggol, you do not want to miss this exciting event happening right at your doorstep!

1,500 Cola-Mentos will shoot out to the sky like fireworks this Friday at
Punggol Secondary School.

We would like to invite you, on behalf of the Science Centre Singapore, to be a part of the exciting event- the Great Singapore Mass Activity.

Organised by Science Centre Singapore and A*STAR, around 1,500 participants will gather together at
Punggol Secondary School. to create Cola-Mentos Geysers and get an entry into the Singapore Book of Records.

The simple experiment merely involves dropping a stick of Mentos into a bottle of Cola, but the effect is nothing short of stunning: an approximately 2.0m tall fountain/geyser.

The Great Singapore Mass Activity is part of the
Singapore Science Festival, which aims to encourage people to “KNOW WHY” and promote a habit for l…