Free Durians in Punggol

STOMPer Isaac says some durian lovers have managed to get durians for free by waiting for them to fall from durian trees in the wooded areas around Bukit Batok or Punggol.

In an email to STOMP yesterday (Jul 2), the STOMPer said:

"It is the durian season again and typically if you are a durian lover, you would have to pay for it whether it is of the D24 variety or unnamed type.

However, some have got it for free by waiting for the durians to fall from durian trees in the wooded areas around Bukit Batok or Punggol.

If you do not have patience for nature to do its work, an excavator to rock the trees for the fruit to fall might just to the trick.

This was what I found out from a trip to Punggol this morning.

I was there to take some pictures of the durian trees and the durians before it was all gone when I chanced upon some folks who were there to pick durians.

One guy was quite upset as he related to me that some construction workers who were clearing the area in the vicinity used the excavator to knock on one of the durian trees till the fruits fell.

I talked to the foreman who was present at the area and in the small chat that followed, he said that he was tasked to clear the area where the durian trees because a huge water pipe would be laid across.

I took the opportunity to mention to him that his workers had actually vandalised the trees and that this kind of activity was not acceptable. He was apologetic and assured me that he will take care of the problem.

For readers who are interested in picking these durians free of charge, you will have to compete with other folks who actually camp overnight to wait for the sweet sound of the durians to fall through, typically in the wee hours of the morning.”

Source: Stomp!


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