Fengshui of Punggol

In the art of feng shui, Punggol is a piece of "crab suppressed by rock" land. This crab is an impetuous and uncontrollable yet highly driven hairy crab. The rock, on the other hand, is unable to hold the crab down for long and is believed that this crab will usually be suppressed for five years, after which it will be free for five years. It is advised that one is to be vigilant during the period of suppression and attack in better times.

Looking at Punggol's development, due to the influence of ground 'qi' (energy), Punggol's fate will be subjected to periodic ups and downs. In addition, the rock is located near the sea, so when the tide rises, the hairy crab will start moving. Representing that the fortunes of the residents will see ups and downs just like the tide. And in order to maintain one's luck, one must be able to make timely and appropriate investments without being too greedy.

When the government first unveiled the blueprint for Punggol 21, many people were taken aback. It was unbelievable that a place previously used for pig and chicken farming could be developed into a premier residential estate.

However, with the presence of the "flying star feng shui", stretching from 2004-2014, which coincidentally favours the northeast sector, evidencing the reason for the development in Punggol, which is located in the northeast of Singapore, Punggol’s progress does not come as a surprise.

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Michael Yip said...

very interesting info, just moved into punggol so the info is good. :D

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