Punggol Prawning

Punggol Prawning at Punggol Marina Country Club offers the exciting pond prawning. Prawning is actually a spin-off from the word fishing, except that now what you are attempting to catch are prawns.

The equipment consists of a light pole with a line attached to a colourful float and a tiny hook. Bait comes in the form of pea-sized cut cockles or chicken hearts.

BBQ pits are available for free for all customers. BBQ kits costs $2/pack and comes complete with charcoal, aluminium foil, fire starters and satay sticks. You can also bring your own food along. Beer and beverages are available for sale over the counter.


The rates are based on per fishing rod basis:
  • $15 for one hour session
  • $25 for two hours session
  • $30 for three hours session

For the three hours session, you can choose to utilise part of the package and use the remaining time balance another time.

Prices include the rental of prawning equipment and baits.

Open for 24 hours daily.

Punggol Prawning
600 Ponggol Seventeenth Avenue
Singapore 829734
Tel: 6310-1012
Website: www.prawning.sg

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