Punggol Point

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Punggol Point is located at the end of Punggol estate, and is one of the last undeveloped places in Singapore. A tranquil and peaceful place, it is also commonly known as Punggol Beach or Punggol End.

Punggol Point relatively isolated from the rest of Singapore. It lies at the end of a long straight road that has lush vegetation flanking on both sides.

The closest LRT station here is the Punggol Point LRT Station which is not currently in operation. SBS Transit Service 82 is available from Serangoon Bus Interchange.

Punggol Point's coastline is rocky to the east and the beach is sandy to the west. The field to the west leads to Seletar Punggol Park and Punggol Point Holiday Camp and the forest to the west leads to the other parts of Punggol. The sea leads to Malaysia. To the east there are two large large islands, Pulau Punggol Timor and Pulau Punggol Barat. Pasir Gudang is visible from Punggol.

There is a small jetty that serves as a pickup point for people going towards the Outward Bound Training Centre in Pulau Ubin. Fishing enthusiasts can be seen here on most evenings and every weekend.

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