Application Process for BTO Projects

1. Launch BTO Exercise

HDB announces in the newspapers, HDB InfoWEB and other media, the Sites where flats are to be built. Information on the location, indicative prices, preliminary designs and the number of units of flats offered is also made available.

Check that you are eligible for an HDB loan or a bank loan, the loan quantum that you are eligible for and the flat-type that is within your affordability.

Check that you are able to pay an option fee, downpayment and the other costs related to the purchase such as legal fees, resale levy, renovation cost, home protection insurance, etc.

2. Submit Application

You must submit your flat applications online via HDB InfoWEB at

Those without internet access can also visit HDB Hub or any of HDB’s Branch Offices to submit their application.

A non-refundable administration fee of $10 is payable by cashcard or credit card (Master Card /Visa).

3. Receive Outcome Of Application

At the end of the three-week application period, HDB will ballot all applications for their queue position and inform applicants of the outcome of their application.

If the demand for a particular site is poor, the sale for that site will be aborted.

4. Book Flat

If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to book a flat. If your queue number exceeds the number of flats offered for selection, your chances of selecting a flat will depend on the availability and ethnic quota when your turn is due.

Required payments:

Option fee by cash, NETS or cheque.
Executive - S$2,000
5-room - S$2,000
4-room - S$2,000
3-room - S$1,000
2-room - S$500
Studio - S$250

The fee will be refunded subsequently if you have sufficient money in your CPF Ordinary Account to pay the downpayment.

5. Sign Agreement For Lease

HDB will invite tenders for construction of flats if most of the flats at a particular site have been booked. You will be invited to sign the Agreement for Lease.

You must submit:
(a) A valid HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE) letter if you are obtaining a housing loan from HDB.
(b) A Letter of Offer if you are obtaining a housing loan from banks.

Required payments:
• A downpayment of 10% of the purchase price of the flat. The housing loan ceiling is 90% of the purchase price of the flat.
• Legal and stamp fees of 1-3%. CPF or cash is accepted.

Click here for the fees payable.

6. Collect Flat Keys

You would collect the keys to your flats in about four to six years' time.

Required payments:

Balance of the purchase price of the flat booked, by Cash or CPF or a combination of both.

• If you are eligible for an HDB concessionary rate loan, you may be given a loan up to the housing loan ceiling, subject to full usage of funds from your CPF Ordinary Account and credit assessment.

• If you intend to pay the monthly instalments partially or fully by cash, you will have to submit a completed GIRO application form before we grant you a loan. If your completed GIRO application form is not received by HDB on or before the appointment for keys collection, your letter of offer may be withdrawn and you will have to find alternative financing for the purchase.

• If you are not eligible for an HDB concessionary rate loan, you may approach the banks or financial institution (licenced by MAS) to obtain a mortgage loan.

Online resource: HDB Info Page

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Shawn.V said...

I have a appointment to book a 5 room flat at punggol topaz on 7 april and now there are only 11 flats left for selection.

What are the chances that quota will be reached before my appointment?


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