Punggol Waterfront Housing Design Competition (For Professionals)

Latest Update (2 Mar 2009):

Registration for the Punggol Waterfront Housing Design Competition and the signing up for the Technical Seminar have closed. Thank you for your interest.

To all registrants of the competition: The Technical Seminar will be held on 10 Mar 2009 at the HDB Hub, Auditorium.

2-Stage Housing Competion

The competition will be held in two stages:

Stage One
Participants are required to submit a local master plan / urban design proposals for the Housing District in the West and the architectural concepts for the first housing parcel within the housing district.

Stage Two
The top 5 entries will proceed to Stage 2. The consultant teams will develop and submit a full architectural solution and design for the first housing parcel along the waterway.

The outcome of this housing design competition is expected to be announced and exhibited in November 2009. The winning team will be appointed as the Consultant team to execute the design thereafter.

Competion Details

Note: Registration for competition has closed on 23 Feb 2009.

Stage One - Starts from March 09 to 17 April 09.
Stage Two - Starts from mid-May 09 to 21 August 09.

This 2 stage competition is open to all architectural firms (sole proprietorships, partnerships, or corporations) that are qualified or licensed to provide architectural services in accordance with the laws and requirements in existence in their respective place of practice.

Each architectural firm is allowed a maximum of three submissions. However, each separate submission must be accompanied by a separate Competition ID. All submissions must be accompanied by the official Submission Forms provided in the Competition Information Package.

All participants are required to purchase a Competition Information Package which contains an unique Competition ID and password required for purpose of registration. Only architectural firms that have registered for the Competition will be allowed to participate.

Registration must be submitted by 12pm on 23 February 2009 (Monday).

Online resource: Remaking Our Heartland

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