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HDB Branch Offices

Services Provided by HDB Branch Offices

Lease services
- transfer of flat ownership, inclusion/deletion of flat occupiers, subletting of flats, home office application, purchase of recess areas, Notice of Death & Transmission, Retention of flat

Tenancy services
- change, renewal & termination of tenancy of rental flats

Housing maintenance services
- flat renovation guidelines, flat maintenance/repair issues

Car parks services
- purchase/renewal of season parking tickets, purchase of short term parking tickets, purchase of parking coupons

Housing Finance Services
- payment of monthly mortgage loan instalments, lump sum and redemption of loan, rescheduling of loan payment period, payment of rent, upgrading cost, fire Insurance premiums, car park fines & other HDB payments.

Branch Office Service Line
The toll-free HDB Branch Office Service Line is 1800 225-5432.

Operating hours on Weekdays : 8:00am - 5:00pm.
The line is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

Counter Services
Operating hours are as follows:
Weekdays: 8:00am - 5.00pm
Saturdays: 8:00am - 1:00pm

Sengkang Branch Office
118 Rivervale Drive #02-01
Rivervale Plaza, Singapore 540118
Fax No: 6854-3234

*Information gathered from HDB Branch Office webpage


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Punggol Plaza

168 Punggol Field #02-08A Singapore 820168
Tel: 6343-8293

Photo courtesy of Diavonex

Parking Fees
First Hour Free
$1 for each subsequent hour

LRT Station
Coral Edge Station (PE3)
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Bus Services
3, 62, 83, 569, 581
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Free Punggol Plaza Shuttle Bus Service

Route 1: Punggol Plaza → Punggol MRT
Operating Hours: Daily (0650-2200)
Frequency: 20 min
(Between 0650-1430, 1500-2200 except 1430, 1520, 1600, 1640, 1720, 2020 on Weekdays and 1150, 2120 on Weekends)

Route 2: Punggol Plaza → Sengkang MRT
Operating Hours: Daily (0710-2200)
Frequency: 25-30min(Between 0710-2120 except 1415, 1535, 1655 on Weekdays)
Frequency: 20 min(Between 2120-2200)

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Punggol BTO Project Details

BTO ProjectBlock No.Release DateCompletion DateNo. of UnitsInitial Launch PriceEdgedale Green632A-C, 633A-B, 635A-C, 636A-BDec 2002Dec 2006582$141,000 - $170,000Periwinkle195A-EDec 2002Dec 2006450$152,000 - $183,000Sundial167A-D, 168A-D, 169A-DSep 2003Sep 2007425$138,000 - $178,000Punggol Anthias
(cancelled)612A-D, 613A-DDec 2004-134$101,000 - $185,000Coralinus 1301A-C, 303A-CJun 2005Jun 2009369$169,000 - $206,000Coralinus 2301D, 303D, 302A-DFeb 2006Feb 2010365$182,000 - $220,000Treelodge305A-D, 306A-DMar 2007Mar 201198$139,000 - $383,000Punggol Vista601A-D, 602A-CAug 2007Aug 2011105$75,000 - $227,000Punggol Lodge603A-D, 604A-COct 2007Oct 201152$122,000 - $234,000Damai Grove
(Punggol Anthias)612A-D, 613A-DDec 2007Dec 201162$123,000 - $240,000Punggol Spring614A-B, 615A-CFeb 2008Feb 2012476$204,000 - $259,000