Punggol Waterway Winning Design


The Punggol Waterway Landscape design adopts a unique design concept which allows the public to have an experiential journey as they travel along the waterway. It also provides an interesting and delightful way for the public to learn about the history and heritage of Punggol.

The design incorporates a mosaic of activities ranging from recreational, educational, adventurous and leisure to take place along both sides of the promenade and Town Park. All these are strung together by the water, greenery, and landscaping to form this unique Punggol Waterway.

Town Park

There are four sectors:
Nature Cove
Recreation Zone
A Green Gallery
Heritage Park

Nature Cove
This is a bio-pond that will be a repository of floral and fauna. There is a viewing tower next to it to provide a commanding view of the surrounding. This tower will be a landmark and a meeting place for park users.

Recreation Zone
It will be for the active and the adventurous. There will be a sand-play area, and water-based play spaces for children and families. A rope bridge is also proposed across the water for the more adventurous park users.

Green Gallery
This is a series of open spaces carved out of the existing terrain. They are of different sizes to cater for different activities.

Heritage Park
A pedestrian "Kelong-like" bridge is built to re-capture the idyllic mood of old Punggol with its fishing villages. The bridge will lead to a heritage trail, which follows the alignment of the existing Punggol Road. Part of the road and the existing vegetation will be preserved and the heritage of Punggol will be told along a wall on the side of the trail.

Heartwave Wall

The diaphragm wall for the LRT track will be turned into a feature wall. There will be water curtains and greenery to adorn the wall. At the centre segment of the wall, the water curtain will be articulated to form a water tunnel. The history and development of Punggol, from its early days to its transformation into a 21st century waterfront town will be depicted along this wall.

Promenade fronting future Sports Complex

Along this promenade there will be a sand and open plaza for outdoor games. A boardwalk extending onto the waterway will enclose a body of water for more active water play. Commercial activities such as F&B facilities will also be introduced here to further liven up this area and turn this into a hive of activity.

Landscape theme along Promenade

The overall landscape theme along the promenade shifts to a more natural and rustic feel. There will be inter-twining footpaths, meandering cycling tracks and streams. The stream will be designed as the collection point to drain the surface run-off from the adjoining residential precincts. Further up, the landscaping spaces will be more undulating. The terrain will be contoured to form landscape strips, which will form shelters or terraced to create different levels. Nearer to the Sungei Punggol end, the landscaping theme will be more urban like to reflect the urban and vibrancy of the Town Centre next to it.

Cycling Network

The cycling network will provide an exciting cycling experience. It will take the cyclists along rustic routes, undulating tracks, nature trails as it meanders near and away from the waterway, offering different scenic views throughout the waterway.

As reported in SGPressCenter.

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