Draft Master Plan 2008

As the tagline goes, A Home of Choice, Punggol is indeed rightly so. Or at least, judging by the Plan, that's the direction we are hopefully heading towards.

The main highlight will be in the transformation of Punggol into a beautiful waterfront community with a 4.2km waterway connection between Sungei Punggol and Sungei Serangoon. There will also be two commercial waterfront developments built to complement the water theme.

Expect improvements to be made to our transportation system with the widening of the TPE and the construction of the KPE that stretches from the ECP (in the south) to the TPE (in the north-east). Time taken to travel to the city will be cut by 25 percent with its completion!

For other exciting developments lined up for Punggol and the North-East Region, surf in to URA's website
for details of the draft Master Plan 2008.


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