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Punggol Waterfront Housing Design Competition

Click here for Annex 1.

The "Shaping My Punggol" exhibition was held in May '08 as part of the overall Remaking Our Heartland Plans for Punggol Town. One of the strategies for Punggol is to introduce more housing choices. On 12 Dec 08, HDB will launch a waterfront housing design competition for the first public housing parcel along Punggol Waterway. This marks another important milestone in the remaking plans for Punggol to realise its vision “A Waterfront Town of the 21st Century".

Competition ObjectivesTo generate fresh, innovative and new design ideas for high-rise public housing along the waterway. To secure the best housing design and concept for the first waterfront parcel.To introduce new sustainable development concepts and features to realise the theme "Green Living by the Waters".
Scope of Competition


Under Stage One, the competition area will be the Housing District, west of Punggol Town Centre. The total area is approximately 26.6ha…

Punggol Waterway Winning Design


The Punggol Waterway Landscape design adopts a unique design concept which allows the public to have an experiential journey as they travel along the waterway. It also provides an interesting and delightful way for the public to learn about the history and heritage of Punggol.

The design incorporates a mosaic of activities ranging from recreational, educational, adventurous and leisure to take place along both sides of the promenade and Town Park. All these are strung together by the water, greenery, and landscaping to form this unique Punggol Waterway.

Town Park

There are four sectors:
• Nature Cove
• Recreation Zone
• A Green Gallery
• Heritage Park

Nature Cove
This is a bio-pond that will be a repository of floral and fauna. There is a viewing tower next to it to provide a commanding view of the surrounding. This tower will be a landmark and a meeting place for park users.

Recreation Zone
It will be for the active and the adventurous. There will be a sand-play area, and water-based pla…


BLOCKS : 305A, 305B & 306A to 306D

Treelodge@Punggol (previously known as Treetops@Punggol) is Singapore’s First Green Mark Platinum Award Public Housing Project. Located in Punggol New Town, at the junction of Punggol Road, Punggol Drive and Punggol Place, Treelodge@Punggol is just a few minutes’ walk from the future Town Centre, Punggol MRT/LRT Station station and the Punggol Bus Interchange.

Treelodge@Punggol consists of 712 units of Premium flats housed in seven 16-storey residential blocks. There are 98 units of 3-room flats, 600 units of 4-room flats and 14 units of 5-room loft units. Unique to this Eco-Precinct is the 5-room loft unit which features a double-volume living room and an open terrace that can be converted into a sky garden.

Distribution of FlatsHousing Development (Contract)Flat Type Floor…

Announcing Punggol Waterway Competition Results

The remaking plans for Punggol are fast shaping up. Minister for National Development, Mr Mah Bow Tan, today unveiled the results of the Punggol Waterway Landscape Masterplan Design Competition. Launched on 21 May 2008, it attracted 11 entries from local architectural firms.

The winning entry comes from
Surbana International Consultants Pte Ltd and Sen Inc. Their winning design plays up the history and heritage of Punggol, while incorporating new and different experiences from water curtains to vertical greening and alfresco dining. The merit prizes go to Arc Studio Architecture + Urbanism, and Co-Design Architects. More on the winning design can be found in Annex 1.

Today also marks the launch of the 2-Stage Housing Design Competition for the first public housing parcel fronting the waterway, which is located within the housing district to the west of Punggol Town Centre. This marks another important milestone in the remaking plans for Punggol to be a “Waterfront Town of the 21st Centu…

Punggol Vista

BLOCKS : 601A to 601D & 602A to 602C COMPRISING : 105 UNITS of 2-ROOM, 210 UNITS of 3-ROOM & 313 UNITS of 4-ROOM STANDARD FLATS
Punggol Vista (PE C18) is located at the junction of Punggol Central and Punggol Road, near the Punggol MRT/LRT station, bus interchange and future Town Centre. There are also 3 schools located in the vicinity of the precinct (namely, Edgefield Primary, Mee Toh School and Punggol Secondary). In addition, there will also be an eating-house, supermarket and shops located just across the road.

Distribution of Flats
Housing Development (Contract) Type Floor Area Range (sqm) Internal Floor Area Range (sqm) No. of Units Indicative Price Range
($) Punggol Vista (Punggol East C18) 2-room 50 45 105 $75,000 - $91,000 3-room 70 65 210 $121,000 - $145,000 4-room 93 - 94 90 313 $184,000 - $227,000 Note:
1) Floor area refers to the estimated area of the whole apartment, inclusive of the area of the air-conditioner le…

Punggol Breeze

BLOCKS : 617A to 617D, 618A to 618D & 619A to 619D COMPRISING : 778 UNITS of 4-ROOM & 166 UNITS of 5-ROOM PREMIUM FLATS
PunggolBreeze is a Premium Contract comprising 778 units of4-roomand 186 units of 5-room flats. Bounded by Punggol Drive and Edgefield Plains, it is served by Oasis LRT station, which is just two stops away from the Punggol MRT station where the future Punggol Town Centre is located. There are also commercial amenities and educational institutions nearby such as Punggol Secondary and Edgefield Primary.

Distribution of FlatsHousing Development
(Contract)Flat Type Floor Area (sqm) Internal Floor Area (sqm) No. of units Indicative Price Range ($) Punggol Breeze
(Punggol East C33)
Premium Flats4-room 93 - 95 90 778 $223,000 - $278,0005-room 113 - 120 110 - 115 186 $315,000 - $382,000Note:
1) Floor area refers to the estimated area of the whole apartment, inclusive of the area of the air-conditioner ledge …

Punggol Sapphire

BLOCKS : 267A to 267C, 268A to 268D, 269A to 269C & 270A to 270C COMPRISING : 760 UNITS of 4-ROOM & 305 UNITS of 5-ROOM PREMIUM FLATS
Punggol Sapphire is a development with 1,065 flats, comprising 760 units of 4-room,282 units of 5-roomand 23 units of 5-room loft units.

The project is situated along Punggol Field and is a short walking distance away from the future Town Centre and Punggol MRT/LRT station. It is uniquely designed and oriented to provide each unit with maximum vantage views of the surroundings. With green balconies or planters extending from the living room in more than half of the units, residents will have the luxury to experience vertical gardening.

Distribution of Flats
Housing Development
(Contract)Flat Type Floor Area (sqm) Internal Floor Area (sqm) No. of units Indicative
Price Range
(S$) Punggol Sapphire
(Punggol West C17 & 18)
Premium Flats4-room 93 -100 90 - 94 760 $234,000 - $…

Punggol Lodge

BLOCKS : 603A to 603C & 604A to 604C
Punggol Lodge is a Standard contract with 516 flats, comprising 52 units of 3-room and 464 units of 4-room flats.

Located in Punggol East along Punggol Road, the project is conveniently situated across the road from upcoming commercial facilities such as an eating-house, supermarket and shops, and is within walking distance from the Damai LRT station. The project is also located near the Punggol MRT Station, bus interchange and future Punggol Town Centre. Nearby educational institutions include Edgefield Primary, Mee Toh School, Greendale Secondary and Punggol Secondary, which will cater to the needs of families with school-going children.

Distribution of Flats
Housing Development
(Contract) Flat Type Floor Area
Range (sqm) Internal Floor Area Range
(sqm) No. of Units Indicative Price Range (S$)Punggol Lodge

Punggol EC site fails to draw any bid

Source: Business Times
12 Nov 08 (Wed)

NO bid was received for an executive condominium housing site - despite its being attractively located in Punggol - by the time the tender closed yesterday.

The 99-year leasehold site at the junction of Punggol Field and Punggol Road was launched for sale by the Housing & Development Board (HDB) on Sept 17.

Property analysts had said then that they expect lukewarm response from developers despite its location near Punggol MRT Station and the future Punggol Town Centre.

Nicholas Mak, director of research and consultancy at Knight Frank, predicted fewer than five bids.

When the tender closed at noon yesterday, there wasn’t a single taker.

‘The lack of interest in the site reflects the cautious sentiment in the market,’ said Eugene Lim, assistant vice-president of property firm ERA.

There is also now a problem in deciding how to price executive condominium (EC) flats, he said.

EC flats are thought to be a cut above HDB’s Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DB…

No takers for Punggol EC site

Source: The Straits Times
11 Nov 08 (Tue)

By Joyce Teo, Property Correspondent

IN THE latest sign of a weakening property market, a tender for an executive condominium (EC) site in Punggol closed yesterday with no bids received.

Property consultants attributed the dearth of interest in the entry-level condo site to still-high construction costs and a lacklustre property market which is expected to trend lower.

This is the fourth EC site the Government has put on the market this year and the only one it kept for confirmed sale for the rest of this year.

Due to the poorer outlook for Singapore's economy and property market, the Government recently transferred all remaining confirmed sites for sale - apart from the Punggol EC site - onto a 'reserve list' where sites are put up for sale only if there is interest.

The 242,159 sq ft Punggol site can accommodate a development of about 16 storeys housing about 600 units.

It is a 99-year leasehold site at the junction of Punggol Field and …

Beautiful Homes for Rent

DistrictProjectNo. of roomsFloor area (sqft)Monthly Rent (S$)Remarks10Montana StudioStudio3,900Great view107 Draycott3+11,5006,000All with attached toilets15The Makena3+11,538Spectacular Sea View 15Cote D’Azur4+1Full Sea View16Bleu @ East Coast31,2064,000Nice balcony, Exclusive
Note: 1. All prices are quoted in Singapore Dollars. 2. For more infomation please call(65) 9853-3323 or email Owners or Landlords wishing to have their homes listed with me are most welcome. 3. The above list is by no means the only homes I have, Expats or Tenants are welcome to call or email me with their requirements for me to match them to a beautiful home of their desire. Surf in to for more information.

For Sale - Fully Renovated 5i in Punggol

Cozy 5i in Blk 196a Punggol Field

110sqm. High-floor.
Renovated. Nice, cozy and windy. 3 bedrooms (No hacking done).
Beautiful granite flooring. Parquet flooring in all bedrooms.
PR eligible. All races eligible.

Near LRT, schools, 24hour coffeeshop, minimart.
Lush landscaped gardens, covered carparks.Short drive to the beach.

Call Jessica at 9858-0214 for viewing appointments now.

More photos available at

Draft Master Plan 2008

As the tagline goes, A Home of Choice, Punggol is indeed rightly so. Or at least, judging by the Plan, that's the direction we are hopefully heading towards.

The main highlight will be in the transformation of Punggol into a beautiful waterfront community with a 4.2km waterway connection between Sungei Punggol and Sungei Serangoon. There will also be two commercial waterfront developments built to complement the water theme.

Expect improvements to be made to our transportation system with the widening of the TPE and the construction of the KPE that stretches from the ECP (in the south) to the TPE (in the north-east). Time taken to travel to the city will be cut by 25 percent with its completion!

For other exciting developments lined up for Punggol and the North-East Region, surf in to URA's website
for details of the draft Master Plan 2008.

Couple struck by lightning at Punggol jetty

As published in The Straits Times
24 Aug 08 (Sunday)

A couple fishing in the open at Punggol jetty were hit by lightning yesterday afternoon. Paramedics said the 61-year-old Chinese man was not breathing and there was no pulse. There were also burn marks on his chest.

'I just kept screaming for help and for someone to call the ambulance,' said his 54-year-old wife, who declined to be named .'My husband was just saying that it's okay, there's no thunder today. Shortly after he said that, the lightning struck and he collapsed,' she said.

She added that had they gone to their usual fishing spot at the East Coast - where there is shelter - they might have averted danger. They had chosen Punggol because it is nearer their home in Sengkang.

Prices of HDB resale flats still climbing

As published in The Straits Times
02 July 2008 (Wednesday)

1,600 premium flats in Punggol, Sengkang for sale

As published in The Straits Times
01 July 2008 (Tuesday)

Punggol Sapphire - Additional Information

Distribution of FlatsHousing Development
(Contract)Flat Type Floor Area (sqm) Internal Floor Area (sqm) No. of units Indicative
Price Range
($) Compassvale Pearl
(Sengkang N2 C4)
Premium Flats4-room 95 - 100 90 - 92 336 $216,000 - $269,000 5-room 115 - 121 110 - 113 84 $308,000 - $367,000 Punggol Sapphire
(Punggol C17 & 18)
Premium Flats4-room 93 -100 90 - 94 760 $234,000 - $305,000 5-room 112 -117 110 -113 282 $329,000 - $396,000 5-room loft unit 148 -149 120 23 $442,000 - $477,000
Note:1) Floor area refers to the estimated area of the whole apartment, inclusive of the area of the air-conditioner ledge, bay window, planter and balcony (where applicable).2) Internal floor area refers to the estimated area of the apartment computed based on the centre line of the apartment wall.3) The indicative prices do not include the cost of optional components.Actual selling prices will vary according to the attributes of the individual units at the time of selection.

Landscape design contest for Punggol waterway

The Business Times
22 May 2008 (Thursday)

Competition includes design of Punggol Town Park

Following its announcement to develop Punggol into a modern waterfront town, HDB is also engaging with the private sector to design the landscaping of the Punggol waterway through a Landscape Masterplan Design Competition for the Waterway.

The competition aims to draw on fresh and innovative ideas for the landscaping of the 4.2 km waterway, and also includes the designing of the Punggol Town Park - a 10.6 ha land that will provide a range of water-based activities and facilities.

Besides proposing the landscape design development direction of the waterway, entrants to the competition can also actively participate in creating the communal and commercial spatial typologies along the waterway.

Proposals for the competition are expected to introduce new sustainable development concepts and features, in line with HDB’s concept of ‘green living by the waters’.

According to HDB, response to the competition ha…

Punggol Waterway Landscape Masterplan Design Competition

Under the Punggol vision "A Waterfront Town of the 21st Century", the new waterway runs along the East-West Corridor of Punggol Town and links up the Reservoirs at Sungei Punggol and Sungei Serangoon to form an enlarged water body thereby bringing water closer to people.

The proposed Waterway will meander through the town and create a delightful waterfront environment for all. There will be promenades on both sides of the Waterway where residents can go for a leisurely stroll or bicycle ride. In addition, the Waterway will allow more opportunities for water-based recreational activities and sports, right next to the homes.

Competition Details

The design competition will incorporate the water-based sports and leisure activities with the following:

- Landscape design for the 4.2km waterway and two tributaries (1.3km)
- A 10m wide promenade on both sides of the waterway
- Town Park

It will also include the integration and connectivity of pedestrian bridges, water features, common gree…

For Sale - Beautiful 5i in Edgefield Plains


Beautiful 5i in Blk 185 Punggol

Rare! New listing! Just matured.

110sqm. High-floor. Renovated.
Nice and cozy.
3 bedrooms (No hacking done).
PR eligible. All races eligible.

Near LRT, Punggol Plaza, schools, church.
Lush landscaped gardens, covered carparks.
Short drive to the beach.

Call Jessica at 9858-0214 for viewing appointments now.

More photos available at

Punggol Sapphire - Picture

As published in The Straits Times
23 May 2008 (Friday)

Shaping Punggol Into A Waterfront Town

As published in The Straits Times
23 May 2008 (Friday)

More homes coming up in Punggol, Sengkang

As published in The Straits Times
23 May 2008 (Friday)

Government to spend S$30m on Punggol Waterfront Town

Channel NewsAsia - Thursday, May 22

SINGAPORE : The government will spend about S$30 million to develop key features of the new Punggol Waterfront Town.

Most of that amount — S$25 million — will go towards the man—made Punggol Waterway, which will be constructed next year.

The waterway will be the focal point of activities, according to plans by the Housing and Development Board (HDB).

Professional planners have been invited to submit designs and concepts to develop the areas along the waterway.

Punggol residents have a lot to look forward to. They will soon have plenty of activities that are centred around a new 4.2—kilometre waterway.

The waterway will connect Sungei Serangoon and Sungei Punggol. It will snake through various areas, including the proposed Town Centre — bringing water and water activities closer to residents.

Dr Johnny Wong, Deputy Director, Building Technology Department, HDB, said: "We are hoping that it will promote activities like canoeing, some passive walking alo…

"Shaping My Punggol" Exhibition (17-18 May)

Dear Resident,

Following PM's NDR speech 2007 and the successful exhibition and public consultation of "Remaking Our Heartland" plans for Punggol in Sep 07, HDB will be holding an exhibition to inform you on the progress of the plans exhibited and to engage you further in shaping the Punggol plans.

Exhibition Details

2. We would like to invite you to visit this exciting exhibition "Shaping My Punggol" and be updated on the plans for Punggol. The details are shown in the following :

Date/Time :
17 May 08 (Sat) - 12 pm to 9 pm
18 May 08 (Sun) - 10 am to 9 pm

Venue :
Open Field Next to Punggol Plaza

3. In conjunction with this event, HDB is organizing three competitions i.e. Colouring Contest (on-the-spot registration), the Children's Art Competition and Model Making Competition on 17 May 08. The competitions are organized to create awareness and engage residents on their ideas of the Punggol Town and the proposed Waterway. Attractive prizes will be given away and …

Couple refuses to pay seller's agent fees

Tue, Apr 29, 2008
As published in The Straits Times

A COUPLE who bought a home and refused to pay the seller's agent the 1 per cent commission are being taken to court by a property company which is claiming a fee.

PropNex associate director Ricky Low Yong Sern, who is in his late 30s, is seeking about $4,000 in commission or a service fee, in a case that is likely to turn the spotlight on the issue of whether home buyers should pay a fee to sellers' agents, The Straits Times reported.

He was the exclusive agent handling the sale of a terrace house in Whampoa built over 30 years ago, which is classified as a Housing Board flat.

Marketing specialist Loh Yi Min, 29, and his wife, polytechnic lecturer Ariel Wee, 33, bought it for $400,000 in April last year. They acted on their own without engaging an agent.

In documents submitted to court, Mr Low claimed that he had a right to collect a commission as he had exclusive rights to market the property. He also claimed that he provided serv…

More attractive to buy home instead of renting

by Marcel Lee Pereira
29 April (Tuesday)
as published in My Paper
WITH interest rates sliding, now could be a good time to move out of that rental apartment and get your own home.Taking a home loan at a lower interest rate could translate into paying less than what you fork out in rent now, and getting the property under your name too, said consumer moneylender GE Money, which offers a range of consumer finance products such as personal and car loans, but not home loans.Speaking to my paper on responsible borrowing in a climate of low interest rates and a strong Singapore dollar, GE Money's chief marketing officer, Mr Alok Kumar, said: 'It does make sense to buy property now because interest rates are low.'If you haven't considered taking a housing loan, now is the time to consider that, because cash flow will make better sense today due to the lower interest rate and lower outflow.'This is an option because the Singapore Inter-bank Offered Rate (Sibor) is on a downwa…